The Equinox Difference Is......

May 19, 2015 Aaron Kendrick got a referral this week sent over to us by a home health office, in which the husband of their patient was trying to locate a standard front wheel walker. As is a continuing trend the patients insurance company did not cover this item, that can have a drastic affect on the patients daily activities inside the home. The patients husband after finding that insurance would not cover the item set out to purchase the walker at one of the many medical equipment providers in his local area. All of the local providers the caregiver visited charged at or over the $100 price point, well over the budget in which the caregiver was able to spend. was contacted on Friday afternoon and contacted the patients caregiver. We spent approximately 10 minutes on the phone, so I could understand his budget and equipment needs. I was able to login to the websites of my many manufacturers and distributors and found that I could provide the walker needed for just over $50 including tax and our nominal shipping charge. Needless to say the caregiver was very excited to finally be able to get the proper piece of equipment for his spouse at 50% of what was being charged at his local providers, and well within his budget.

One of the many reasons for starting was met here while working with the caregiver, to provide high quality products and value pricing. If you our your loved ones have experienced something similar I would love to work with you and see what results we can offer. Please contact me directly by phone at 801.637.3535 or email at