Mobility Scooters

August 21, 2015 Aaron Kendrick

Paying out of pocket for independence doesn't always need to be expensive. The last few weeks I have had the opportunity to assist multiple customers nation wide find the right scooter to fit both the budget they had to work with as well as find something that will last by getting to know how and where they will be using the device. One of these customers is traveling across the country with his wife pulling a trailer. They needed something that had good ground clearance, would be able to break down and fit in the extended cab of the truck and be able to travel long distance between a charge. He had contacted many other suppliers and stumbled upon my site by searching the part number for the scooter he wanted. We spoke at length getting to know his wants and needs, so I could recommend the right scooter for him. This customer choose to purchase Phoenix HD Saving him over $1500.00.  When purchasing a scooter from we see you as more that an opportunity to make a huge profit. Our customers have saved thousands of dollars, because we do not charge the manufactures suggested retail price on any of our more than 800 items. Shop all Scooters on line today by clicking Here.

Your order will ship directly to your home free of charge, we are available to answer your questions at 801.637.3535 or

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