New Product - Breast Pumps

August 28, 2015 Aaron Kendrick

With the recent changes to insurance a breast pump should be covered by your insurance provider. That being said the quality of the pump provided and the features you are looking for may be very far apart. Ask yourself and your insurance provider the following questions:
  1. What Type of pump can I get?
  2. Can I receive my pump before my new arrival is here or do I have to wait until after delivery, when it is most needed?
  3. What if I am not satisfied with the pump that is covered?
  4. If I choose to upgrade to a different pump what will my total of of pocket expense be?
  5. I need a pump now and the one that is covered is not in stock?
  6. Will you reimburse me for a pump I pay retail price for? If yes what will that amount be?

If you uninsured,under insured or just simply not satisfied with what your provider will cover. Please visit us online at where we have budget friendly options available that will be shipped direct to your door. Our high quality pumps come at up to 60% off retail and offer the same features as the competition. This is a very important time for you and your family so take the time to view product details and pricing at: